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The George W. Crawford Black Bar Association (“Crawford”) is a volunteer state-wide organization of attorneys, judges, and law students in the State of Connecticut. Crawford represents the collective body of Black attorneys in Connecticut, including both the criminal and civil bar, public and private sector employees, and spanning across law firm, corporate and non-profit affiliations. Please join us as we strengthen Crawford’s legacy and ensure its vitality for future generations.



Carletha Texidor

"When I first moved to Connecticut from New York in 2012 I didn’t have any friends in the state. I only knew my husband, his family and the attorneys at the new firm I was going to be working at. I joined Crawford and can honestly say I met many like-minded people who have become my personal friends. In addition, I have been provided with networking opportunities directly through people I met at Crawford. The annual family day has become one of the highlights of my summer! At Crawford I was welcomed with open arms and am truly thankful that I joined.”

Dorcia Carrillo, Owner, Law Office of Dorcia Carrillo PLLC

"I first became acquainted with Crawford in law school when I won the essay scholarship, which was much needed. The association continues to be a great resource as I grow my business law practice. I appreciate the communications and networking events that Crawford puts out and I look forward to how Crawford will continue to impact my career and the community.”

Christine Jean-Louis, Former Crawford President and Assistant Attorney General for the State of Connecticut

"Crawford was a crucial factor in creating a much needed foundation for me in my professional development during and after law school. I have been honored to selflessly give to such a hardworking organization, and look forward to its future growth in Connecticut."

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